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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Blogging Success Starts

My blog has been live for more than 1 year and I still remember the day I told that my blogging days have started. In these 12 moths time, I did hard study on blogging and making money online niches an wrote almost 27 posts relating to them which generated about 51 comments till now and have 34 RSS subscribers and 32 blog followers. That's a great thing for a blogger like me who always wanted a less but more than before. But in the eyes of big and pro bloggers, my success is not a great story because they get 100% more than what I get but still its a success story for me. Now listen what happened in this moth, which kick off my blogging career?
In the 11 day of January, I've got almost 15 comments in my blog which is a great thing for me because I normally didn't used to get more than 10 comments every month. But now only in 11 days, I've got 15. Pretty good. Next thing is I got 6 RSS subscribers in 11 days, which I normally didn't use to get in 1 moth. This is also a great success to me. Next thing I usually get more than 100 visitors everyday, which is great than before because previously, I didn't used to get more than 25-40. One time it was when I got 150 for a week then the next day, it was 10. Nut now, the lowest number of visitors on my blog is 100 everyday and the highest I got today which is exactly 210. The largest no. of visitors till date and its continuing to grow. Now the hard work that I did is paying off me. The thing is that I am not making money online because its not a big thing for others as I already mentioned. No matter of money for money, I will get it someday. Till then its a great success to me!!!!!!

"HURRAY" Chill everybody and live your life the FULLEST!!


  1. Everyone's success day starts if he/she starts to work hard and concentrate on what he/she s doing!!!
    Congrats for the success!!!!!

  2. Congratz for success dude!!!
    today you've rached 28 posts,40RSS subscribers and 34 blog subscribers!!!! I hope you'll increase now!!!


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