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Blogging Terminals

Here, in this page, I'm gonna discuss some mostly and commonly used blogging terms that is used by every individual blogger who blogs everyday in the blogosphere!!!! These terminals are the very minor and useful words, that are gonna help you somehow in blogging career in getting success!! Here you go!!!

Archives: The index page where the posts or entries are organized either by date or category.

Blog: A personal website that you get for free by different companies like BloggerWordPress etc.. A blog is a daily journal in which data are posted in reverse chronological order. Blogs are posted daily r frequently rather than being a constant(i.e. one time post)

Blogger: A person like me, you and all those who blog and write journals.

Blogosphere: A community of bloggers.

Blogroll: The list of links of other/recommended blog and resources usually found in the sidebar of blog!! 

Spam Comment: The useless links and other resources which are generally considered as spam. Generally they are the comments that comes from the auto-system that are running in the blogosphere.

Dashboard: The control panel of your blog from where you've full option of what to do new or edit on your blog.

Niche: Niche generally refers to the particular topic of your blog. Every blog is established under its own niche. You can make a blog on the niche that you know the most.

Permalink: The unique URL of the single post n your blog.

Photo blog: A blog that mostly has photos than posts. This type of blog is mostly made by the photographers.

RSS Feed: A system that allows the visitor of your blog to subscribe on it and get the frequent updates via. email. A great way to make loyal followers and get good ranking. You can subscribe on my blog by clicking here and entering your email.

Traffic: The most important and useful thing in blogging success.  Traffic refers to the number of visitors that a website gets everyday. Higher ranked websites gets higher traffic than lower ranked one.

Widget: Feature of a blog to make the navigation process easier. In other words, widget is a piece of code that gets plugged with the coding of the blog to display links, photos, etc.

Wordpress: The content management system that maintains the blogs and websites that are hosted under wordpress.