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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to join Google Adsense and get approve fast?

Now, its been almost 4-5 months I've been telling you how to generate to your blog/website.Now its time to start generating revenue through it. There are many ways of generating revenue through your website/blog now but better discuss the best one for both blog and website.
I'm taking about joining Google Adsense Plan now and start making money online. I've told you about this a little previously but now I'm gonna tell out more about it!

I hope you all are familiar with Google Adsense. If not then lets fact it!

Adsense is a service program run by Google Inc. that empowers the publisher to make money online through his/her blog/website by displaying relevant adds on it. Google makes a lot of profit every year through Adsense. It makes almost $10BN from this service. Adsense shares the amount of profit that they made with the publisher. They pay from around 2 cents to 15-20 dollars depending upon the keyword. If you've highly targeted keyword then you can make money amount but if you have lower competitive keywords then you may be paid less.
Here is a sample picture how adsense add looks like?
Now there is the question, how to get approved in this program?

For this first of all you need to have a fully functioning website/blog that gets fine traffic and 10-15 posts on it. Then go to . Then sign up the form with the correct details that they need and submit it. Then wait for 1 day until they review your site and approve you. After 1-2 day, you'll receive an Email from Google Adsense team confirming whether they're accepting you or not. IF they are then its good for you but sometimes they don't. There might be various reasons you're unaccepted. Some of them are below!!!

#1: Having a top level domain may be a greater chance of acception but adsense is approved in free Google's site like Blogger but there is a little chance in it.
#2: Adsense doesn't gets approved if you've mentioned "Under Construction" on your website Its beyond Google Adsene's terms and conditions.
#3: Your domain name/free blog should must be active for few months and should be posted frequently.
#4: Your blog/website should have nice and genuine(not copied) posts. Then only there's high chance of acception.

Once you meet all these requirements then go to  and signup and wait until you receive Confirmation Email. If Accepted HURRAY and if not then don't then don't loose hope. Concentrate on your blog/website and try to make it better and better. Try joining Chitika  and make money through it and chill!!!
WARNING: Never click on your own adds. You might get disapproved in the middle like I was. I'd been testing and got disapproved. Warning to you all never ever do this thing!!!!!


  1. Ya!!!!!! Very nice tips!!!!
    Following this tips, I posted 5-6 articles, got some direct traffic and high search traffic and today applied for adsense and my adsense got enabled!!!!!
    WOW nice for me!!!!!!!

  2. Making money with adsense is not a small thing!!!!! first of all, you need to get more than 100 visitors in your blog and if unique visitors click it, then only you'll get!!!!!!!Even I tried but due to random clicking my adsense account got disabled also blogger websites don't make much from adsense. adsense loves domain names and pays them more!!!!!

  3. the correct tips for fast adsense approval!!!


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