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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Blogging is Cool?

Here I'm gonna write why Blogging is cool and more beneficial than wasting your spare time and their advantages..

Blogging doesn't have age restrictions, Either if you're a 10 year guy or an aged man. You don't need to make your hair brown/white for blogging.. See difference between Darren Rowse(an aged but a  successful blogger)  and Carl Ocab (a young successful blogger).. Its a way of utilizing your that time which you waste without doing anything.... A better way to make some pocket money for yourself. You won't need to ask your mom/dad for that pocket money if you have a good running webiste/blog... A way to be famous and and make new friends. See Darren Rowse,
He's known by almost all blogers and has 31,649 fans on facebook. You can also get some fans and friends(I'm not sure you'll be Darren, but you'll get some). So, Blogging is also a way to make new friends and fans..

So, for those who are newbie in Blogging, I wanna suggest you to keep on Blogging and never leave your passion on Blogging!!!!

Saying these words, I wanna say all of you "GOOD NIGHT"


  1. Cool blogging!!!!!
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  6. ya.. that's right..
    BY blogging you can make a lots of money and it also doesn't requires any age!!!!!


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