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Friday, November 4, 2011

To know whether your website is getting traffic or not?

In this post, I'm gonna tell you the main thing that can help you to know whether your blog/website is functioning proper or not? In internet there are mainly two services that can help you to check how's your website functioning? They are 
Google Page Rank Checker &
I'm gonna tell you something about these two!!!

Google Page Rank Checker:
Google Page Rank Checker is a service by Google which enables you to check   the page rank of your website. If your website is good functioning and has many googlelers, then your blog/website gets good page rank. It depends upon the visitors of your website. If you get more&more visitors, then you get a good Google page rank. A good Google Page Rank means you've a high traffic in your website. You won't get good pagerank gor just a 1000 visitors per month... You need to get an awesome lot of traffic for getting good page rank. If you've a website and wanna check its pagerank then click here

 Alexa is an online service that measures Internet traffic rankings for websites based on user data obtained from its custom toolbar and displays the data in comprehensive charts and graphs. Its not as hard as GPRC. You need to post regularly and get some comments on your post regularly, then your Alexa rank increases overnight(for eg: I was in the rank of 9000000+ till november 2,2011 in alexa but the next day, I managed to get more than 10 comments on my posts and 150 visitors in one night. The next day I opened alexa and saw that I dropped more than 1000000 blog/websites and came in 7812718 position). See that's not hard to grow rank in alexa but you need to get regular visitors and more comments and suscribers. Your blog's rank will automatically increase!!

What are the plus points of these Rank Checkers?
They help you to get more and more sponsors in your website/blog. People become interested to advertise on those blogs, which have more visitors and suscribers and by these things, your rank also inreases and you get some sponsors for your blog....
You get a name in blogosphere by good rank and visitors(e.g. Darren Rowse)He's known by most of the bloggers in world with the name "Problogger". 

So, getting more traffic has a lots of advantages for you.... Start to make blog better from today and get something better tomorrow!!


  1. Nice tips on pagerank checkers and why are they useful&important.....
    Very cool points for beginner bloggers like me!!!

  2. nice post dude.......
    These two things helps to know the traffic of blog

  3. Reallly coool and nice Points.........
    Thanx 4 sharing......
    One thing really surprised me!!! You dropped down more than 1000000 blog/websites within 1 night...
    that's very impressive...
    Can u tell me how you did it briefly????

  4. Nice tips!!!
    For checking Page Rank...
    Thanx 4 sharing!!!!

  5. Nice post for checking traffficc!!!!
    view my blog to get the superb ways for blogging

  6. nice tips......for checking page rank.......

  7. I don't think alexa is performing smoothly these days bcoz I have got very down but my stat in alexa is the same as previously!!!!!


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