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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to use Digg to get more traffic on blog?
Even though Digg is an old site, in internet terms, there is still a lot of power available if you know how to use it. The thing about Digg is the people who are established there are dedicated to their community. Many thousands of IM marketers have come and gone in their quest to land on the coveted front page of Digg. Looking at things from their point of view, they do not want a bunch of clutter and fat burning content which is understandable. We will definitely give you some smart pointers about how you can begin to approach doing business at Digg. While this is all appropriate to your discovery, a few items about how to promote your business carry more weight than others.
Before doing anything – make sure you’re taking Digg seriously, and if your approach is lighthearted, it won’t take you anywhere. If you are going to take it seriously, then that means you will do the right things at Digg. There is more than enough traffic to go around there, and you can get some of it a lot easier than you think. Digg is very much its own little world in many respects, but it is just not all that little considering the millions of daily users. So, overall this is nothing tough to get done.
Don’t indulge into any unethical practices when on Digg, so make sure you’re not trying to game the system. Another thing is that the community is very much aware that people try to game the Digg system and will report suspicious activity. So what you need to focus on is giving quality content, and in return you will get the kind of response that you want. Of course it does take time to establish yourself there, but it can be worth it many times over. But bear in mind that internet sites pertaining to online advertising are certainly out there and set to be discovered – some being better than others.
You can Digg anything you like, so definitely Digg things other than just your content. Always help out the community by sharing interesting and important news, and that will help you out. When you are believed to be sincere and wanting to make positive contributions, then that will increase your standing. And thus, your submitted stories will have a higher chance of hitting the front page – that’s how it works.
Of course it takes time to make friends at Digg and establish yourself as reliable and not a spammer. So just learn more and you can easily follow the guidelines we have discussed. Growing on Digg will obviously have its own perks in the future because you’ll be able to hit the front page over and over again. So go to Digg and begin the process by becoming acquainted with the site. Also you can submit your site in Digg and get more traffic through it.... Again this will give you blogging success!!!!


  1. One of the most important rules of Digg etiquette is to always submit the original source of a story. Digg will penalize users who submit their own content too frequently. If you want your blog posts to have a chance at making it to the main page of Digg don't be the first to submit your post. Ask a friend or colleague to submit it first.

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    1. yes, you're right.. its a great idea to say/request others to submit the posts of your site.. thanks for that..

  2. thanks for this article, i really love it .... i will work on it

    1. thanks for the comment on it..


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