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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why should you post frequently on your blog?

Well, there are many answers for this question, but I would prefer this one!!!!
                         i.        It stops you from giving up!
I QUIT you all might be familiar with this word. It means giving up in something that you'd started when you don't get good results. It mostly happens with the blogger when they write only 2-3 posts and wait for success. But when you write frequently and have 15-20 posts, then you'll start getting success in your blogging career. You'll get some mass of traffic and start to do more. So, when you write frequently, you stop yourself from quitting the job that you're doing coz you're getting a good result!!
                        ii.        It makes you a hard worker and a successful person in blogging
If you're writing daily/frequently, then its sure for the success. When you get some success then it leads you to work hard to become even more successful than that you're now. For e.g.: if you used to write 3-4 posts weekly then, this success will lead you to write a single post per day (i.e. 7 posts per week) which is more than before. So, when you write blog frequently, it leads you to work even harder and you'll become a successful person in blogosphere.
      iii.        It helps you to generate some pocket money yourself
When you blog frequently, the its sure you're getting some traffic in your bog. Then you can sign up in adsenseChitika and advertise others blog in yours. By this you'll get some pocket money from your blog and you won’t have to ask for it to your parents. Authors of other blogs may hire you for writing on their blog and you can get paid. So, blogging frequently also helps you to get some pocket money and you can spend it wherever you like without any arguments from your parents!!!
iv.        It increases you talent & quality in writing
See, when you write frequently, then the talent that you have will keep on increasing because writing sharpens the mind and thinking for the post makes your mind a good thinker. That’s what happened to me after I've been in blogging. Previously, I didn't have any sort of knowledge on the out things except course books. When my class teacher gave me essays & speeches to write then I used to copy from friends & ask my elder brothers’ coz I couldn't generate them. But now after this blogging I can write essay on any topic in lesser time. I'd managed several blogs on meditation, being successful in life, yoga, history of Kathmandu& about a person's life. But now I've deleted them and I concentrate only in this blog. So, writing frequently also makes your mind a good thinker& makes you a god writer.
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  1. ya !!!!
    posting frequently attracts Search Engines and your blog/website's result gets better than before and come somehow front and viewers click... by this I've got 500 search engine traffic in my blog!!! very cool nice post!!!

  2. Posting frequently attracts visitors and you reach to your success very fast!!!!!!!! So, start posting today frequently~~~~

  3. ya!!! there are many adcantagews of frequent posting!!!!!!!
    they are most common advantages!!!


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