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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Help Me!!!!

Hello Every One at Bloggingtip4u!!!
I'm gonna give you some disturbance in your continuous readings. The reason I'm disturbing you is I need a little help from you!!!!!
The concept of making website that I started and getting success is running very smoothly. this blog's getting almost 100-200+ daily visitors and the bounce rate is also 20-25% everyday a/o Google Analytics and I need some help from you to get it even more cool and fantastic than previously.
I'm not asking you for any kind of money donation because most of the people who come in this blog may not like to contribute some amount of cash in this blog. All I request you is to click 1-2 Adsense adds coz I'm not making a good from this thing. So I honestly request you all to click few ad units so that it'll gonna pay me some amount and I'm gonna transfer this free blog to a private domain name!!!
So, Please!! help in in this project's continuation and help this child's dream come true!!

Thanks for coming  here!!!


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