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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Refferal Websites Mean to You?

Here, In this post, I'm gonna tell you the value and importance of refferal websites
First of all let me tel you what are REFFERAL WEBSITES?
Refferal Websites is the websites, from here you get visits to your blog. It an be a small blog to a big social network. The source from where you get something is called refferal source. So refferal websites are the sources from where you get visitors for your blog.. You can get a refferal visit by commenting on other blogs, posting your website's link in social network or either by doing surveys...
Well, before 1 Month, I also didn't knew any value of those refferal websites, but in this 1 Months, I've learnt a lot from them..
In this 1 month, I did many things for refferal visits.....I commented in manu big blogs like,,, and many others.. I totally posted 30-40 comments and got a lot of benifites from them.... My blog used to get only upto 50-75 visitors everyay but now I'm getting an average of 150 visitors every day.....
I get 
20 visitors from
10 visitors from
5-10 visitors from
and the largest,
around 50 visitors from
So in total, I get around 100 visitors from those refferal sites...........
And the rest of 50 I get from serach engines and some direct visitors......
So, I wanna tell you that the refferal websites are greatest source of visitors for your websites/blog.. Ypu can get refferal visits by many ways as I mentioned....So, for your blog's traffic and good ranking, refferal visitors are great help.... You will really need thm if you want to be a successful blogger..


  1. Nice posts.....
    Refferal links helps make website to be good ranked and nice......
    By this we can also earn money...
    Nice tip..... Really Good

  2. Refferal links and websites are the greatest way of blogging success cause it helps for free traffic and blogging success depends on the traffic that you get via your work!!! So blogging success can be achieved by refferal links very easily cause you get more and more traffic by promoting it!!

  3. Refferal links are direct links from where you get traffic evn though you \don't do anything!!!!!
    very important thing if you wanna success your blog!!!


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