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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#6:Tip Guest Posting In other Blog/Website

This is the most important tip for getting blog's success . Guest posting increases your blog's traffic and you'll get success in blogging.  First of all let me tell you what do you mean by guest posting?
Guest posting is the process of you writing to other blog/website as a guest author/poster
See, its very simple. Guest posting can increase and maximize your blog's traffic. You can write guest posts in many websites. You can find them on GOOGLE.  Guest posts on other blog/website sends you the traffic. First of all you should remember where you need to post as a guest author. You need to post on those websites receives huge amount of traffic everyday. Let's suppose at least 100 visitors a day. When you submit your guest posts in those sites, readers will read them and and if they find interesting, they come to visit your blog for more because readers want to get more and more.But don't forget to post your link/URL of  Your website. If you didn't posted it then they might not find your website and might not come to your blog. Let's suppose you wrote 1 guest post on 10 website for 30 days and it if every site sends even 1 visitors everyday then you'll get 1*10*30=300 visitors every month. man, that's awesome traffic for the new bloggers. Its not that it only sends 1 , it might send many of them. So, you see how much traffic you get from guest posting on other blog/website. It gives you more and more traffic and you'll get success in blogging


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